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Tsuchiyu Onsen

Tsuchiyu Onsen has a rich history of more than a 1000 years. Seek out this traditional hot spring village in rural Fukushima Prefecture

Kokeshi Doll in a hot spring

16 km from Fukushima City

Off the beaten path yet easily accessible, Tsuchiyu offers the perfect tranquil escape

100% Nature

Take a break from the city and relax surrounded by abundant nature

17 Hot Springs

From outdoor tubs to private, tattoo-friendly hot sprongs, Tsuchiyu has something for everyone

Tsuchiyu Onsen Guests Say:

“This is the place for relaxation, where time stops and the whole world can wait.”

Kristina Z

“A magical onsen town in the mountains – this is a sweet little town just 30mins out of Fukushima-shi by bus.”

Holly P

“The hotel where I went in the onsen was beautiful, no need to stay the night and the paint your own kokeshi experience was really nice too. The people were really friendly and helpful.”

Celeste N

“Small onsen town in the middle of a mountain. Very pretty scenery and friendly local people :) Would go there again!”

Pawin Y

One day in Tsuchiyu


Kokeshi dolls

Kokeshi Making @ Yumebutai

Have a go at making your very own traditional 'kokeshi' doll at the Yumebutai visitors center – Tsuchiyu Onsen is one of Japan's most famous producing regions of this traditional craft that was popular souvenir for visitors to hot spring towns.

Walking Distance

10 minutes

Kumano Shrine

Kumano Shrine

Visit this small shrine on the oppposite banks of the Arakawa River, by climbing the steps to the top. You can try the nearby Tsuki-no-yu Buje footbath after the short climb.

Driving Distance

15 minutes



The Menuma pond is located a short distance to the north of Tsuchiyu Onsen, where you can find magnificent nature, and even Azaleas that flower in May.

Driving Distance

15 minutes


Stay at Yumori

Yumori is an onsen hostel by Sansuiso. Enjoy a rejuvenating and unforgettable onsen stay, at one of the Western-style or tatami rooms.

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