Tsuchiyu-Onsen Hot Spring

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Introduction of Tsuchiyu-Onsen Hot Spring

Location of Tsuchiyu-Onsen Hot Spring
Tsuchiyu-Onsen Hot Spring in Naka-Dori in Fukushima prefecture, Tohoku District is located in the western part of Fukushima City, about 16km from Fukushima Station. Enjoy beautiful flowers from spring to summer and colorful leaves from autumn to winter.

Tsuchiyu Kaido Road lined with cherry blossom

Star lilies in Tsutsumi-Ga-Daira

Japanese skunk cabbages in Nida-Numa Swamp

Kobushi magnolias

Source of hot spring
Source of hot spring
Weeping cherry tree at Taishi-Do Shrine
Weeping cherry tree at
Taishi-Do Shrine
Roku-Jizo historical site
Roku-Jizo historical site

Tsuchiyu-Onsen with hot spring, flowers, and historic atmosphere

Accommodations with hot spring baths and meals

In Tsuchiyu, there are many attractive accommodations, which include great baths and meals.
You can also enjoy hot spring baths in a traditional public bath or at some inns that are opened to visitors.
Pheasant dishes and konjac are local specialties. Enjoy flowers in Tsuchiyu

Enjoy flowers in Tsuchiyu

In Tsuchiyu, there are many good spots to view flowers.
Colorful flowers blooming from spring to summer will delight you.

Visit historical sites

The history of Tsuchiyu dates back to the time of legend.
Visit the marks of our ancestors that are surrounded by nature and rediscover Tsuchiyu.

Town of history and tradition

History of Tsuchiyu-Onsen and traditional specialty goods, "Tsuchiyu-Kokeshi Doll".
Tsuchiyu-Onsen has a very close and old link with Kokeshi Dolls. It's no exaggeration to say that one cannot talk about Tsuchiyu-Onsen without mentioning Kokeshi Dolls.

Origin of the name, "Tsuchiyu"

Taishi-Do Shrine
In 587, Hatano Kawakatsu was dispatched to Tougoku(eastern country) to spread Budhism and pray for the restoration of health of Emperor Yomei, father of Prince Shotoku who was taken with illness. It is said that when Kawakatsu became half-paralyzed by a disease and no doctor or medicine could cure him, Prince Shotoku appeared in his dream one night and said, "There is a sacred hot spring in Tsukiyu, Iwashiro no Kuni. Go there to be cured." Taishi-Do Shrine,dedicated to Prince Shotoku, still stands as a notable site of Tsuchiyu.
It is also said that back in the age of the gods, Oanamuchi no Mikoto, on his way to Mutsu no Kuni, stuck his spear into the ground beside Arakawa river saying there was a hot spring. Then, hot water gushed out and people started to call the hot spring "Tsukiyu" (speared hot spring). The name later became "Tsuchiyu".
Since the founder of Tsuchiyu-Onsen Hot Spring is Oanamuchi no Mikoto, you might win a bet on a dark horse (Oana) if you stay at Tsuchiyu-Onsen Hot Spring before the horse races!